Conquer past, current, and future trauma

You Matter LLC.

Situational Awareness

Situational awareness helps to teach you to remain aware of your surroundings, while being able to determine if there are any potential dangers or concerns. 

Mental & Physical Self-Defense

Most Criminals usually don't have an alternate plan but rather an alternate victim. Walking with confidence and awareness - looking around and keeping your head up and shoulders back. 

Resources and Referrals

Helping you to continue your success in life by working with others.

Who's behind you matter

I'm Susie Delo founder of "YOU MATTER", dedicated to mental and physical self-defense, and enthusiastic about others succeeding in life. I'm on a mission to motivate and encourage others that their journey in life MATTERS.


Susie Delo, Owner

Acting in defense of oneself or others includes standing up for those who are defenseless, as well as defending oneself against physical and mental harm.
- Exodus 22:2-3